Hydraulic system for Macken Street Bridge

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Hycom has delivered the complete hydraulic system including the cylinders for the Macken Street Bridge in Dublin.

The Macken Street Bridge was moved to Dublin in 2009 by use of a pontoon. It is unique in design because the bridge deck is suspended by 31 cables which allow the entire bridge to turn in a 90 degree angle in order to allow ships to pass under it. The bridge is 123 meters long, 28 meters wide and 45 meters high. The turning point of the bridge lies far from the middle, for this reason the bridge is kept in balance by 2800 barrels ballast, existing out of heavy concrete and steel blocks.

The main construction exists of five large hydraulic lift cylinders which lift the bridge of its position and two large turn cylinders which can open the bridge in 90 degrees and close it again.

Hydraulic power pack:

• 2x Main hydraulic pump of 250 l/min. each.
• Working pressure 250 bar
• 2x E-motor of 110 kW. each.
• Hydraulic tank capacity: 3000 litre

The 2 turning cylinders have a diameter of 550 mm, a piston diameter of 300 mm and a stroke of 3850 mm.
The 5 lifting cylinders have a diameter of 800 mm, a piston diameter of 720 mm with a stroke of 180 mm.